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The section break has now become a type of Next Page. This inserts a blank page into the document at the point of the break. Well, at least Word has real menus, eh? Nothing new there. Word does the same thing, even when copying and pasting within Word documents. How's the new Entourage? And the labor of making a working link? I could strangle somebody. Entourage , at least, does not of these silly things. Oh, Apple, why must you fail so on Mail. Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. Perhaps someone has already noted this, but Microsoft lists in the Help file a number of known issues with Office Some of them are fairly significant, and may explain some troubles you may be having with Office I replaced the long list with the four links above in order to shorten the hint there are a lot of issues across the four apps.

While many of the issues are minor, some are not. In Word, for instance, you can't see equations created in Word for Windows. In PowerPoint, it's possible to open the same presentation in both PowerPoint and , and have both open as fully writable! Finally, if you use or are trying to use AppleScript and Automator in Office , one final known issue will affect you: "Running Automator workflows and AppleScripts from the Office script menu is not currently supported under Mac OS X v The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

This site is not responsible for what they say. What a joke that is. Authored by: designr on Jan 25, '08 AM. Apparently Office also installs all files as being owned by UID , whether such a user exists or not on your system. If UID does exist, and is not an admin, then they have privileges for all things Office-related.

Authored by: wgscott on Jan 25, '08 AM.

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Authored by: baokhangnn on Jan 25, '08 AM. They are going to re-writing EndNote using applescript for Word but who knows when that will be released.

Why is my Mac computer so slow: 6 tips to speed up a Mac

MS is trying to kill the Mac, or keep it out of the business space. Those lists are non-exhaustive. There are myriad other issues. Issues I have discovered to date using microcrap office for less than a week : Word: Bulleted items do not always honor the paragraph formatting settings. Only first paragraph selected in an address is used in envelopes.

Does not always display contents of a table cell correctly.

It is rendered invisible in one of my templates Entourage: Mailboxes do not update if they are selected. I have a rule that transfers messages from the inbox to other boxes. If I have one of the other boxes selected, it is not updated to reflect new transfers. In Word, form fields do not accept font formatting. Spaces compatibility got worse from 04 to 08 No background scrolling The print preview isn't uniform with leopard [ Reply to This ]. Those last two aren't new. I'm guessing I still have Office 04 that they also insist in having their own special dialog boxes that have an " add extension" checkbox instead of a standard " hide extension" checkbox.

On the other hand, I kind of like the Word print dialog box over the Leopard one because of the page range field, and non-Leopard users will still get a live print preview. Bill [ Reply to This ]. If you ask microsoft, Spaces is incompatible with Office ; They claim it's Apples problem and also they don't say it out loud Apple is unwilling to fix it.

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I launch apps with Spotlight and just treat the Dock like the Windows taskbar of yore i. I don't even put the ones I commonly use in there. I remove everything except for Messages so I can see the badge , and launch everything with spotlight. This way my dock is only running applications.

I like it a lot. I don't hide the dock because I make a lot of use of full screen.

Word runs very slow on my Mac - Microsoft Community

So whenever I'm on the desktop, it's nice to have the dock right there with no effort. That's precisely why I hide the dock. I want my full screen to be full screen, undisturbed by a static dock taking up space. I don't have anything in the Dock. It only shows apps that are currently open. I really like it this way. I removed all applications from my dock years ago.

How can we improve Excel for Mac?

All that exists down there is a finder, a stack to my home folder, a stack to my applications folder, and the trash can. That way it only shows the apps I have running. I never launched anything from there anyways Possibly dumb question on my part, but are you saying that in order to launch, say, iTunes, you would cursor up to the menu bar, click spotlight, type "itun.. Type "itun Whole process is like a split second. There is no faster way to launch applications than to use spotlight like that.

There is also no "wait for spotlight to search". It's instantaneous because Spotlight indexes your drives. Funny about the spotlight waiting -- sometimes there seems to be a short wait for me as it searches.

Maybe it's just general slow computer issues. Regardless, I'm going to try this method now. Thanks again. I've been using Macs for like 5 years now. I always knew that was the best way to launch apps After the first two years though I forced myself to do it, and I don't regret it.

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It's definitely the best way to launch apps. The same is true for windows, just hit the Windows Key and start typing. There's also Launchy which has some extra features and is cross-platform. Wait for it to load? That's the point of it being indexed.

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You cmd-space, type "itun" and hit enter, all without ever looking at the spotlight bar. It just flies. I keep just a few things in dock. I use FinderPop with a right-click to launch four or five programs directly from the menu or to select an app from 5 or 6 categories. Incidentally if you're finding Quick Look is buggy in Mavericks showing blank images, showing the wrong item, deleted items remaining in Cover Flow , a quick verify and repair permissions should take care of that. The idea that clearing caches which exist to speed things up will improve performance really confuses me.

Is there anyway to clean out your safari cache without deleting your history or saved passwords? I want to keep reddit links I've already visited a different color haha. As someone with about 80 items in my Dock with no lag, I doubt this is a problem. You mentioned that you just upgraded to Mavericks in another comment.

Did you make sure to give Spotlight enough time to rebuild before judging your Mac's performance? I had to let mine rebuild overnight. I'm often using Preview to open jpegs, but I also open them in Safari, Photoshop, Aperture, and others. Likewise with other files and other apps. As a result, Preview is in the Dock, but never gets clicked on. I need to do this multiple times a week. I receive all kinds of video files with all kinds of crazy codecs, often in a MP4 container. Unfortunately, you can't set the default app based on container.


word 2008 mac slow typing

I have a bunch of different apps that I'll use to open MP4 files with for viewing, editing, transcoding, altering metadata, or uploading. It's like having your Applications folder always open, but only taking up a tiny little bit of the screen at the bottom. Onyx has a nice option where only running apps show on the dock. You can turn this on and off without it forgetting your dock arrangement. Also it lets you add blank spacers to the dock, which I find quite useful. Spacebar preview takes a few seconds sometimes and when a browser or other program opens a file browser it can also take several seconds before I can see any files listed.

This never happened before I had encryption turned on, but I wonder if something else happened around the same time that I didn't notice. Yes, but this is normal. I'll try that out.