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Hi Tony: We believe training should be accessible to everyone. As for an alternative, I suggest Golden Cheetah, which is for sure free! Comment from Armando Mastracci Time April 5, at 4: Hi Darren. Baron also has an Android app: Xert Mobile that records activities GPS, power, cadence ,etc. Comment from Matt Time May 20, at 3: Hi Do you know if there is a pc software that would simulate my indoor traning, with some sensor connecting my spinning bike with program so I could see actual stats of my training?

Comment from darrencope Time May 24, at What kind of spinning bike do you have? Comment from the5krunner Time May 26, at Real nice effort. Have you come across a post similar to yours but instead for RUNNING equivalents I appreciate many of those above can be used for running purposes many thanks for all the hard work to compile the list.

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Comment from darrencope Time May 28, at 6: Thanks the5krunner! Comment from Dawid Time June 30, at 4: Hi Darren I am looking for actual GPS file created on a Garmin device of the major cycling events to be able to import it on to my Tacx trainer. Comment from darrencope Time July 2, at 8: Comment from Marcos Time July 17, at 4: Probably i will use same HR device for everyone. Comment from Banu Time July 29, at 1: Comment from Erdal Yazicioglu Time September 10, at Comment from Freya Osborne Time November 14, at 1: Great collection of cycling apps.

But, I like the Cyclemeter app much more. I think you can add these apps also:. Comment from Hugh Time November 29, at 9: Darren — just wanted to tell you this is a great resource. Thank you for making it available.

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At some point would love to contribute to it. Comment from Hugh Time November 29, at 6: Comment from darrencope Time December 7, at 8: Comment from Hugh Time January 17, at 9: Thanks Darren — perhaps this will just inspire me to put one together. Comment from Gav Time March 7, at 8: Excellent list Darren. Just wondering what your thoughts are on Strivemax please??? Comment from darrencope Time April 2, at 8: Pingback from Conclusie met betrekking tot vermogensmeters geschikt voor handbikes — Wings Technology Time June 11, at 4: Comment from Adam Rice Time October 2, at Comment from James Time October 24, at 4: Comment from Paul Time December 8, at 9: Really glad that strivemax got a mention, its working well for me.

So strivemax fills the hole nicely. Its felt a little slow at times recently but that may be because its becoming used more — hope they can keep it going. Comment from Armando Mastracci Time January 2, at Hey Darren. Xert is both analysis and training software with Android, Garmin and now an iOS app available for performing workouts. We also have other Garmin apps that might also be good to mention. Looks like your page is the one comprehensive page where folks can see a list of what cycling software is available. Appreciate you hosting it. Comment from Damian Time May 24, at 7: Comment from Oscar Time May 30, at 7: Thanks for all the information.

I have a Livestrong Matrix Series E spin bike. I would like to track cadence and speed or at least cadence. Any suggestions on a sensor or computer for spin bikes.

Polar ProTrainer 5 and ProTrainer 5 Equine free download

My concern is that the crankshaft gear ratio is not adjustable on the sensor. If there is an app that connects to a sensor I would look at that as well. There is simply too much information on the web that is unclear. Thanks in advance for your time. Comment from darrencope Time June 2, at 6: Hi Oscar, Any cycling computer with Cadence would work I suspect. You would just have to mount a magnet on the crank and a sensor somewhere on the bike itself beside it, so you may want to find something relatively compact, in case you are dealing with limited clearance around the crank.

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Cycling Software. Site search Search for: Cycling Software What software can you use while on the bike?

Tacx Trainer software Download | Tacx

Can software help you train better to improve your cycling? How can I log my rides and compare myself over time or to other riders? All excellent questions, which I share. These questions inspired me to do some research, and the result is this list. Perhaps some of the software listed here can help you too! The intent of this page is to provide an ever-evolving list of these software packages that are related to cycling in some way. Looks quite nice! Should be available soon as of CycliStats — Oldschool database-style ride tracker.

Watch how terribly excited I am! Track your progress toward personal fitness goals. Cool because it makes use of the fine-grained rotational data from their power meter that nothing else does as of yet. One of only? An online racing app, like Tour de Giro above, but with absolutely killer graphics. Road Grand Tours — a Zwift competitor.

Vidéo Polar : Présentation de Polar Personal Trainer

Currently in beta as of Rouvy -video-based training with augmented reality. Ride routes and race against others. Also has workout functionality. OneLap — a Chinese competitor to Zwift. I much prefer Tour de Giro, above. PowerCurveSensor Software. Appears to offer very simple multi-player live stats, and allows you to calibrate the PowerCurve Sensor itself. You can set your FTP, and then export the workouts in.

I think it has all of the same workouts imported as well. You can create workouts using the Golden Cheetah QuickCode. Not of much use to individuals, but if you own a shop, it may be worth checking out if you want to run group classes. Tacit Training — Tacit Training is a training tool for cyclists that does three main things. Using the goals you set and ride data from Strava, it will: Bereda enables coaches and self-coaches to efficiently create and manage customized plans, providing clear training direction no matter how chaotic a season gets.

It also supports RLVs, and just about anything else you can imagine it supporting. Highly recommended.

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Wattbike Power Cycling — the software that works with a Wattbike. In the words of Keith: Tacx Video Player — ride along with videos of real rides. Shows a graph and resistance level, but you must control the resistance manually. ErgoPlanet — appears to be only for Daum ergotrainers, but looks like it has Google Earth integration and some other cool features.

MaximumTrainer — nice looking Windows and Mac compatible training app. WattZap — The WattzAp Player turns any turbo trainer or roller into a complete virtual reality training system. Windows, Linux, Mac compatible Big Ring Indoor Video Cycling — an indoor cycling program that lets you watch videos of routes that change speed based on your power output, grade, etc. Has FE-C support to control your trainer.

CadenceVR — videos of popular European cycling routes for your trainer. VeloReality — training with video footage to match. Apparently only works on a 64 bit machine. Currently as of has a free trial available Performance IQ — Wirelessly display individual and group performance on to a single screen enabling indoor cycling studios to offer new class programming.

WattzAp — Plays both free and commercial Tacx real life videos, links to many different turbos Kinetic, Tacx non-VR turbos, Cyclops, Elite etc and has a range of training programmes. SportTracks 3 — cross platform mobile, web, desktop analysis offering. May already be installed on your phone.

Bicycle Power Meter — claims to be able to calculate power. Probably kind of fun, but not likely to be accurate or useful. OsmAnd — offline no data usage!

ProTrainer 5 software

OpenStreetMap navigation software. Select what hurts, and the app will give you possible solutions. CoachMyRide BullTrainer — a funny and interesting concept—pick a company, and ride their stock chart as a course profile.