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Also, your support worked quick and professional and now everything is alright. Able to export and import easily. Very easy to use. Lightening fast. Scheduling, back-ups, Queries are all very easy to use. This does a lot more than what I expected. Didn't really need the documentation. Navicat was so well designed and user-friendly that I just started using it.

Updating without a UI from search table results.

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The database conversion from older formats to MySQL is seamless. Transferring data from one server to other is very convenient.

Our Customers

Of particular importance to this choosing this solution was the strong CSV upload and export tools. It also proved really useful to be able to store queries and share them between users.

The query builder was a big plus too. Even after weeks of having a standard process of managing the database we utilize Navicat's import mechanism to handle unique data updates coming from our customer. Without this ability we would be weeks behind schedule. Navicat is relative ease of use, and flexibility. Also, the interface for dealing with the database is straightforward, easy to use, and powerful.

The XML conversion was particularly impressive.


It is going to save us tons of time and time is money! Navicat is easy to use because the menus and tools bars are very clearly label and designed. We have never had a problem with the software crashing or corrupting data. What might take hours with the command line, Navicat can accomplish in seconds. It is quite easy to use and has very powerful features as, for instance, the query builder.

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‎Navicat Data Modeler Ess on the Mac App Store

The features we use most are the backup and queries, also in relation with the scheduler. A nice-to-have feature would be a mailer function where, for instance, a result of a query could be sent to a specific user.

How to switch to the ER Diagram view in Navicat? (Mac OS X)

It is by far the best product of its kind on the market. And the price is much lower than I would have expected for such a robust feature rich product. With Navicat importing and exporting data from and to those formats is very easy and requires virtually no additional training.

Moving to new technology is often intimidating to people but once I demonstrated Navicat to our staff they were pleasantly surprised. Navicat truly makes it easier to administer mySQL than any other product I have tried.

Navicat 's strengths are obviously its ease of setup and use. I've dealt with software since my junior year in high school and know a good product when I see one. I purchased two copies so that we can use it with other Mysql databases that we want to deploy. The help menu was just the logo.

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  • I clicked on the title which looked like a link…nothing. This tool has an awesome interface. However, it crashes constantly and has lost my information twice. While the app is visually appealing, it currently has a serious show-stopper if you want to use it to document an existing MSSQL database. It currently has no way to create a primary key on a table and set it as an identity field.

    You have to create it from scratch each time you make a change in the actual db. This prevents you from doing anything other than auto-generating your model if you intend to use it in conjunction with the actual db. Hopefully a fix is forthcoming. Mac App Store Preview. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Fixed some minor bugs. Bug fixes and improvements. MySQL Workbench provides data modeling, SQL development, and comprehensive administration tools for server configuration, user administration, backup, and much more. It does not have to be free and I do not need to generate any code or DDL etc either.

    GenMyModel genmymodel. A few options: If you just want a drawing tool, take a look at yEd. It's free but not open source. A more capable drawing tool is omnigraffle.

    Not free but good. If you want a modelling tool rather than just a drawing tool, try magicdraw. There's also Visual Paradigm and Poseidon in the modelling tool space. I've used MagicDraw for several years on my mac and I'm very happy with it. Visual Paradigm does the job well.